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Culinary Delights

Cafés // Bars // Restaurants

„It is very simple to savour in Neustädter Baroque Quarter because there is something to offer for everyone. According to the mood, the hungry man will always find something that fits: From the simple and small cafés to the local culinary delicacies and fine gourmet cuisine. These treats are always handmade, cooked with love to the product and served with passion and dedication.
I lived and cooked in many different cities, but the culinary mixture in this quarter is unique.“

BENJAMIN BIEDLINGMAIER / Chef de Cuisine star-restaurant Caroussel / www.buelow-palais.de

„When I decided to fulfil my dream and open a small store for chocolate and coffee ten years ago, i was asking myself: „Where?“ Many days i wandered through the different quarters of town and i found the perfect place right here: a beautiful quarter, with an atmosphere that welcomes the individual to bloom. A place that is packed with lovingly arranged and owner-operated stores, galleries, jewellery ateliers and restaurants invites you to feel welcome and easily recommend your customers to other stores.“

RUNA ROEDER / Owner Chirel / www.chirel.de

Culinary Delights